Our Mission


The mission of Operation Pits Healing Heroes is to provide healing to our nations greatest heroes while saving the lives of our nations most misunderstood breed of dog.  Operation Pits Healing Heroes will rescue, train,  and provide service and companion Pit Bulls to veterans in need, creating ambassadors for the breed, as well as physical and emotional independence for our veterans.

Our Hope

It’s our hope that we can make a difference not only in the life of a deserving veteran but also in the public perception of the Pit Bull breeds. Their loyalty and dedication make them an ideal companion while their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners make them great for service work. Many veterans struggle everyday with the scars of war, both visible and not. These Pit Bull service dogs will be a lifeline to help our nations greatest heroes recover both mind and body.

Why It Matters

09-33-2014-05-06 18.30.56Since it’s founding in 2010, Guardian Pit Bull Rescue, has been on a mission to save lives and change minds by rescuing and creating ambassadors for the Pit Bull breeds through advocacy, education, and adoptions. Statistics show that on average only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls find a forever home once they are in the shelter system. This is because of breed specific legislation, prejudice, and simply being misunderstood. A few things many veterans can easily relate to. Many of our rescues over the years have displayed an innate ability to be more than just a family companion. The idea to train and partner rescued Pit Bulls with veterans in need was something very important to one of Guardian’s founders, who is a veteran himself. The kind of healing, camaraderie, and service a dog can provide a veteran has proven to be one of the most effective methods of assistance in transitioning into civilian life. So why does it matter? Because we couldn’t think of a more important or deserving cause than helping our nation’s bravest. To provide this resource to veterans while saving the life of a dog facing an unfair fate based simply on how they look, is a win for the veteran, the Pit Bull, and our society as a whole.